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Rigatoni Arrabiata £13.00

Pasta tubes cooked with red onions & garlic, olives, chili, spicy peperoni sausage & tomato sauce.


Linguine Ai Frutti di Mare £18.00 (£3 sub with EB menu)

Fresh shellfish & linguine pasta cooked in garlic, chili, white wine & touch of tomato sauce.


Linguine Bolognese £13.50

Homemade Ragu. Beef mincemeat cooked in red wine with fresh basil, bay leafs and shallots.


Pasta Carbonara £14.00

Linguine pasta cooked with smoked pancetta, free range egg yolk, a touch of cream, & parmesan.


Lasagne della Casa £14.00

Oven-baked fresh pasta layers with mincemeat ragu, mozzarella & bechamel sauce.


Pasta con Verdura (v) £13.00

Rigatone shaped pasta with fresh vegetables, olive oil, garlic & fresh basil cooked in tomato sauce.


Rigatoni Pesto e Pollo £14.00

Homemade Pesto. A blend of fresh basil with pinenuts, olive oil, parmesan cheese & rocket and chicken.


Rigatoni al Duo Salmone £16.00

Pasta quills with a combination of fresh salmon & smoked salmon, cooked in Aurora sauce.


Cannelloni con Ricotta a Spinaci £13.50 (v)

Fresh pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach, oven baked with tomato sauce béchamel & cheese gratin.


Gluten Free pasta £2 extra

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